Business Process Automation in Procurement

business process automation

Major portion of the business processes are repetitive, mundane jobs. Only few business functions need actual human intervention to get the work completed.

Here comes the need of Business Process Automation (BPA). Business process Automation is defined as the digital automation of repetitive critical business processes.

As per various studies, 90% of employees are burdened with repetitive or mundane tasks which can be automated to great effect.

BPA implement automation in rule-driven, workflow-based functions, which are governed by pre-set guidelines.

The output is better in both functional and performance aspects. However, the complexity of systems may be a hindrance in implementing an effective automation solution.

Business Process Automation in Manufacturing

Automation is common in manufacturing sector, like Robotics which are used to perform dangerous or repetitive tasks that produces product with more accurate specifications and the minimum amount of human error. The newly developed “software robots” manages the data workflow, work in background without disturbing the chain of work.

BPA in procurement function helps organizations easily satisfy the underlying philosophy of procurement management, “procuring the right item at the right time at a right price from the right vendor”.

Procurement functions must be automated by every organisations, like Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Invoice management, Vendor Management & Contract Approval.

Some of the BPA tools used in Procurement are purchase-to-pay tool like e-sourcing, cloud-based procurement etc.


Some of the Benefit of Business Process Automation

  1. It cut unnecessary expenditure to reduce the cost of getting the work done.
  2. Increase productivity, minimum human mistakes, meet deadlines, reduced manpower to save money on overheads.
  3. Freed manpower who were attached to repetitive works could now be engaged in other high value and complex projects. The sense of increased value brings a deeper sense of fulfillment to the workers.
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