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Category: Negotiation

Jul 17
The Golden Rule of Negotiation

Some of us avoid negotiation, some fear negotiation because they equate it with conflict. They consider it as a clash of the wills, they see it as a fight to the finish, where the biggest bully wins all the marbles. To them, negotiation is confrontation, and they hate confrontation. But in fact, negotiation is anything but […]

Dec 19
Distributive Vs Integrative Negotiation

There are two opposite types or schools of negotiation: integrative and distributive. Distributive Bargaining Basics It’s a one-time-only occurrence. Except for the deal itself, there is no real benefit in investing in the relationship. So, we are generally less concerned with how the other person perceives us or how the other person might view our […]

Dec 19
Negotiation Techniques

What is Fact Based Negotiation? Fact-based negotiation is the practice of focusing supplier negotiations on mutually beneficial data on cost structure rather than gamesmanship.