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Jul 17
The Golden Rule of Negotiation

Some of us avoid negotiation, some fear negotiation because they equate it with conflict. They consider it as a clash of the wills, they see it as a fight to the finish, where the biggest bully wins all the marbles. To them, negotiation is confrontation, and they hate confrontation. But in fact, negotiation is anything but […]

Jun 10
3 Steps to verify Chinese Suppliers

China accounting for more than 30% of all global manufacturing share. Before starting to work with Chinese supplier it is most important to ensure that they are legitimate and will be able to produce and supply what we order? Following three basic steps will help us greatly to verify a Chinese supplier. Step 1 – […]

Feb 03
How to select your Contract type?

How to select the correct contract type that is most suitable for our requirement? Selecting correct contact form for a specific purchase agreement depends on various factors like availability and accuracy of pricing data, relative strength of buyer and seller and perceived risk and market competition. Most of the contracts may be categorized either Fixed […]

Jan 25
Know your Cost Drivers – The Supply Market Intelligence Guide

Supply Market Intelligence include information related to Changes in Supply and Demand and Trends, Supply Market size, utilization, expected expansions/contractions, level of competition, Technological changes, Innovations, geo-political changes in supply market etc. How supply market intelligence influence Procurement success?

Jan 23
Cost Management Program in Procurement

Cost Saving is reduction in cost that has tangible results. Direct Cost Saving such as lower prices paid and indirect cost savings like improved efficiency and productivity. Cost avoidance is preventing or reduce suppliers price increase.When suppliers actual cost increase, price increase are likely. One way to prevent or minimize such price increase is to […]

Jan 23
Low Cost Country in Global Sourcing – Benefit & Challenges

Low Cost Country Sourcing is a one of the most discussed topic in Global Sourcing among procurement professional. The Audiopedia Describes Low Cost Country Sourcing very vividly in this YouTube video. Low Cost Country Sourcing is a procurement strategy of Global Sourcing in which a company sources materials from countries with lower labor rate and production costs in order to […]